What to expect any given Sunday!

Welcome to Triumphant Life Church! Thanks for visiting our page online. The biggest questions about finding a new church is what will Sunday service look like, and will I fit in?  Well don't worry we don't require a suit and tie to attend, even Pastor Ben can be found preaching in khaki pants and a polo shirt. Our congregation is mixed group of young and old families. If your coming for the first time there is parking located at the legion and handicapped parking right next to the church. A convenient car port to come and drop off the kids or to just stay out of the elements. 
Well we hope you feel welcome as you enter our doors we have greeters ready to welcome you in to service. Then the next few questions that come to mind before service even starts "Where do my kids go?" and "Where are the bathrooms?" The kid's ministry areas are right to your right as you walk in stop by the check in station for name tags, and the first door is the kids church area for kids kindergarten to 6th grade. The next door down is from birth to 4 years of age. Yes the nursery is staffed and YOU don't have to staff it. Pastor Andy teaches the kids church service with different object lessons and kids worship/praise songs this service takes place the same time as the adults service. Pastor Andy's wife Merica can often be found in the nursery working with all the youngsters. The bathrooms are to the left of the sound board mens is first and the womens is at the end of the hall. 
Since you have found the bathrooms dropped your kids off at there classrooms and probably found a cup of coffee. Come find a seat in our open feel sanctuary and join us in our contemporary worship service. Pastor Ben will then share God's word for the morning and hopefully you encounter God in this place and he meets you where ever you are in your life.